Welcome to The Biggest Little Card Shop! My name is Wiesia Fascio  and I am the creator of the
cards and scarves you will see on this website! I am from The Biggest little city Reno, Nevada so its only suiting
for my store name is The Biggest Little Card Shop.  It has been my dream to share my love of crafting and card
making, with the world since I started this passion 18 years ago. To me, a card says so much more than what the
beautifully crafted cover reads. A card shows a spouse, a bride, a child, grandparent or loved one, that they were
            We live in a world where we can send a text message within seconds to wish someone a Happy Birthday, or
Skype someone halfway across the world to say Congratulations. However, nothing can replace the thoughtfulness
and love that is included in sending a card. The entire process of picking the perfect card, handwriting a personal
note just for their eyes and dropping it in a mail box is a cherished occasion. When someone receives a card in the
mail with his or her name on it, they feel loved and appreciated in a way that a text message or phone call cannot
make them feel.
            So it is a perfect combination! People want to send special one of a kind cards to their loved ones, and I love
making these hand crafted, custom order cards! I make cards for children, men, women, friends, grandparents and
everyone in-between. Many of my cards are one of a kind, which means when a card is purchased, no one has ever
received a card like it before. I also make custom orders to suit your color palette or creative vision. I have been
asked to make wedding invitations, cupcake toppers, confetti for a runway show.
All cards are standard size of 5.5 x 4.25 (unless specified on the listing) and come with envelopes.
          So please take a look at my creations! Let a loved one know you’re thinking of them by sending them a card
that was made just for them. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like a custom order and LET’S
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